Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yokomo YD-4 RWD

Yokomo YD-4 RWD

Construction Complete

I finished assembling the YD-4 in accordance to the supplied instruction, gave it a thorough examination, and promptly converted it to RWD with part from my local RC drift store. The chassis showed a lot of promise for RWD, with Drift Package-compatible gearboxes and 3mm suspension hinge pins.The slide rack is stable and provides for precise setting of Ackermann geometry.

Here are the aftermarket parts I used to convert the YD-4:
  • MST HT Aluminium Front Lower Arm Set  (Purple)
  • MST FXX Adjuster Set 5.8 (4)
  • Usukani KPI Knuckles (Black)
  • Wrap-Up Next 0148-FD Aluminum KONDO Custom HD Upper Arm (Black)
  • Yokomo IB-414KBC (Black)
I was going to go with the Wrap-Up lower arm to match the upper arms, but decided that a little color would be nice on this otherwise all-black chassis. The MST FXX Adjuster Set is my go-to for king ball attachment as they are easy to adjust and do not require pliers to install the ball caps. However, you have to take care to not tighten the screws that hold the little cap in place or else you'll cause the king ball to bind. Usukani knuckles are cheap and cheerful.

Here's a picture of the final product with drivetrain & electronics installed:

  • Motor: Yokomo Zero 10.5T
  • ESC: Yokomo BL-RS3 +Turbo
  • Receiver: Futaba R204GF-E
  • Servo: PowerStar PL-1207 LV Brushless Digital Servo
  • Gyro: PowerStar PS-755 High Stability RC Car Gyroscope
I have a pretty basic core electronics package that I used with all my chassis. Other folks might like Accuvance, but I personally can't justify the price of their ESC and motors over the Yokomo equivalent and I doubt I'm the level of driver who could. So I stick with my Yokomo Motor/ESC combos and try to do the best I can.

Normally I use a Futaba digital servo and D-Like gyro, but Kong had a shipment of these PowerStar items arrive the week before I purchased the YD-4 so I decided to give them a shot. The owner has them in his highly customized Drift Package as well.

Now, I just need to take her out to the track and see how she handles. One thing you'll notice is that the front dampers are mounted upside down. :p

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