Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yokomo DPR Hamachi-Style

Yokomo DPR Hamachi-Style

Summertime and the drifting's easy...

With the YD-4 completed for now with the exception of fine tuning and summer fast approaching, I thought I would pick up a chassis for outside (asphalt) driving. Initially, I thought about picking up a Yokomo Drift Package Type-C and the Yokomo PRO 201 2WD Drift Conversion (D-162P). However, Banzai Hobby was running a ludicrous sale on the DPR ($319 before shipping!). For all those who aren't familiar with the DPR, it is Yokomo's ultimate shaft-driven drift car, with much of the aftermarket parts already available for the Drift Package series included. For instance, the only two parts in the PRO 201 2WD conversion kit that the DPR doesn't already include are the steering arms and the lower suspension arms.

A week after placing my Banzai Hobby order, the following items arrived, with the exception of the gold Overdose differential case, which was a spare from my FR-D build:
  • Yokomo DPR
  • Yokomo BL-RS3 ESC & 10.5T ZeroOne Motor Combo
  • Yokomo 32T Pinion Gear
  • Yokmo Digital Low Profile Serv
  • Yokomo YG301 Gyro
I plan on picking up the two parts from the PRO 201 kit I do not already own in the near future, but this is going to be my slow build, focusing primarily on Yokomo parts and borrowing heavily from Hayato Yoshiba's setting sheet. My next post will be a breakdown of all the parts mentioned in the setting sheet.

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