Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Team Tetsujin Selection Light System (SLS) Initial Look

Team Tetsujin Selection Light System (SLS) Initial Look

Unboxing of Team Tetsujin's new lighting system

Team Testujin released not too long ago a new, modular lighting system for RC cars. It is comprised of three parts, a controller unit, a wiring harness, and the LEDs. The controller unit plugs into a Y-harness that receives signals from your throttle channel. The wiring harness comes with or without LEDs in 7 different options (4 front, 3 rear). The LEDs come in 10 different colors, sold in pairs of the same color.

Packaging (from left to right) - TT-7510 Control Board, TT-7813 LED Set for Front 8 LEDs, TT-7815 LED Set for Rear 10 LEDs

Current Product List - LED Control Board, AC Adapter for Display (so you don't have to have it plugged into a car's receiver), Spare Cable for Front 10 LEDs (no LEDs included), Spare Cable for Rear 10 LEDs (no LEDs included), LED Set for Front 4 LEDs, LED Set for Front 8 LEDs, LED Set for Front 10 LEDs, LED Set for Rear 5 LEDs, & LED Set for Rear 10 LEDs.

Control Board

Rear Wiring Harness w/ Wire Keeper

Front LED Harness w/ Wire Keeper

Initial Thoughts - I helped a fellow driver install this lighting system in their car on Saturday and made the following observations:

  • One side of the wiring harness is longer than the other so keep this in mind when attaching it to your car body.
  • The wires tangle very easily so cut the wire keeper in half and use it to straighten out the two sides before installing it in your car.
  • Plugging in the LED before installation will help you determine which LEDs go where. 

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