Sunday, September 11, 2016

Body Build - Yokomo HKS Hiper Silvia (S15), Part 1.

Body Build - Yokomo HKS Hiper Silvia (S15), Part 1.

Background details.

The Yokomo HKS Hiper Silvia (S15) is one of three S15 bodies that Yokomo makes, the other two being the Team BOSS with POTENZA S15 and the Team TOYO with GP SPORTS S15 SILVIA. However, while the Team BOSS and Team TOYO S15s have different livery and are different colors, there's actually very little difference between their two bodies with the exception of a duck-tail spoiler on the trunk of the Team BOSS S15. However, the HKS S15 features its own body kit, a VERTEX Ridge S15 Widebody System and this is why I selected it - I wanted a VERTEX-kitted body for my VERTEX-decorated chassis.

HKS introduced their S15 in February of 2002, winning the 2nd round at Ebisu and placing 2nd that year. In the following year, the S15 was introduced during the 5th round at Ebisu and placed 4th. In 2004, HKS raced their Toyota Altezza (also available as a body from Yokomo).

Photos of the HKS Hiper Silvia in Action:

Photos of the Yokomo HKS Hiper Silvia:

Comparing the two, the limitations of working in vacuum-formed lexan becomes pretty clear. The chin spoilers are slightly two high on the Yokomo body and not nearly as sharp as the real thing.

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