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Body Build - Yokomo RS☆R JZA80 Supra, Part 1.

Body Build - Yokomo RS☆R JZA80 Supra, Part 1.

Background details & unbagging.

The Toyota JZA80 Supra, with its plethora of headlights and taillights, flowing body style, and 3-door hatchback design strikes me as one of the essential bodies to own. Compared to its sibling, the Toyota JZZ30 Soarer/Lexus SC 300/400 it is aggressive while the Lexus is refined, though both of them would look great sliding around your local 1/10 scale drift course. Several companies make 1/10 JZA80s, including HPI, Pandora, Tamiya, and Yokomo. As I own neither Supra nor Soarer, I decided to purchase the Yokomo D1GP option, complete with Sport-Service RS☆R livery. But before I show you what comes in the D1GP option's bag, let's take a look at both the real car and Yokomo's product photos:

Photos of the RS☆R Supra in Action:

Photos of the Yokomo RS☆R JZA80 Supra:

Comparing the two, several differences are noticeable. First, the Yokomo does not feature the fog lights mounted in the front bumper. Why this is, I do not know, but it could be due to changes in the car between its first appearance in the mid-2000s and how it appears now in the mid-2010s. Second, the sponsors logos in some areas have chanced, due to a change in sponsors. Third, the wheels have changed from 6-spoke Yokohama AVS Model T6s to some 12-spoke wheels, perhaps Rays Gram Light 57Extremes. Lastly, but more of the byproduct of manufacturing is the shape of the roof-line and the side windows. The Yokomo looks decidedly shorter when compared side-to-side with the real thing. Nevertheless, I think this replica would look great mounted on the upcoming YD-2 chassis.

Unbagging Photos:

Body Shell

Rear Diffuser and Side Diffusers (behind front wheels)

Wing, Wing Mount, Exhaust, Wipers, & Mirrors

Yokomo Body Catalog

Instruction Booklet

Window Masks

Decals for Lights, Carbon Fiber Areas, & Front Bumper

Front Headlight Trim & Window Decals

Livery Guide

Body Markings

RS☆R Decals

Sponsor Decals

Not pictured was the piece of pressboard that keeps the decal sheets from being crushed or wrinkled. While the body markings and RS☆R decals are precut, the sponsor decals are not so you will have to take your time and cut those out. A nice feature of the body markings is that there are guide lines that will help you with placing them. I do not intend to use the window decals or the light decals as I plan on using Yokomo's chromed light buckets for this body.

In part 2 of this series, I will be prepping the body for painting, selecting the paint color, and finally painting it. Applying the decals and accessory parts will make up part 3 of this series. Thank you for following along.

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