Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mini Review - Mini Works Body Lines & Cherry Blossom Livery

Mini Review - Mini Works Body Lines & Cherry Blossom Livery


I feel that body lines are something that can add considerable depth and realism to a monotone RC drift body. There are several different methods to do this, including ABC Hobby tape, Gundam panel line markers, Copic Multiliners, and Sakura Micron pens. I saw these on an internet forum and because they were fairly local to me, I would give them a shot.

Mini Works Body Lines - $5.49 plus s&h

These come in a 50 pack, with 25 .7x225mm lines and 25 .5x225mm lines. I ended up using the .7mm lines for the door and hatch body lines and the .5mm lines for the hood and headlight body lines. However, the website suggests using the .7mm lines for the gap between hood and fenders and the .5mm lines for the door gaps and I think that the .7mm lines might be a tad thick for what I used them for, the .5mm lines being more realistic.

Applying them was fairly simple and straightforward, and unlike the ABC Hobby tape, you don't have to worry too much about the lines stretching during installation and then contracting and pealing off. I trimmed the lines in place with a pair of 4" Kai needlecraft scissors, which made installation a snap. My only caveat is that you should make sure that your lines are straight and taut before pressing down.

Mini Works Cherry Tree Livery - $9.99

These comes in a pack of two branches and 10 cherry blossoms, with two blossoms of each size that progressively grow larger. The branches, cut out in black vinyl, are mirrored so you can choose which side to put them on or even mount the on your hood. The blossoms, cut in gold foil, are really fragile and I managed to destroy 2 of them (one for each side) removing them from the backing paper as the die cut is a bit deep. However, you get 20 blossoms total so there is room for error.

When I applied my decals, I wanted to give the illusion of the blossoms being blown from the branch and towards the viewer, hence their growing larger towards the rear of the car.

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