Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Body Shell Projects

Current Body Shell Projects

Bodies Everywhere

I have a bad habit of picking up a new body almost every time I visit my local course/shop, even though I have nearly a dozen that need to be worked on and complete. While I'm partial to 4-door sedans, my collection is starting to grow to include some of the "iconic" cars along with some more esoteric ones, such as the Vellfire.
  • ABC Hobby Nissan Sileighty - To replicate Sato Mako's from Initial D. Debating Wrap-Up S13 3D light decals for the front end and 180SX decals for the rear.
  • ABC Hobby Nissan Sileighty - Not sure of the color yet, maybe PS-62 Pure Orange or PS Anodized Green? I plan to install either Addiction's BN Sports Sileighty body kit or a combination of Addiciton S13 and 180SX Rocket Bunny V2 body parts.
  • Pandora Toyota Vellfire - Not sure of the color yet, perhaps one of the metallic colors.
  • Team Tetsujin Liberty Walk R35 - To be painted PS-23 Gun Metal with the Overdose Voltex GT Wing Type-7.
  • Yokomo AE86 Sprinter Trueno - To be painted PS-57 Pearl White with ghosted LB* rising sun graphics on both doors in a modified panda-style.
  • Yokomo Blitz Dunlop ER34 - Not sure about the color, perhaps PS-59 Dark Metallic Blue or PS-47 Iridescent Pink/Gold but the latter would make it look a lot like the C35 Laurel.
  • Yokomo C35 Laurel - Painted PS-52 Champagne Gold. I've installed some Wrap-Up Next 3D door handles and grill, but need to apply the stock decals, body-lines, and window-trim.
  • Yokomo M7 RE-Amemiya (FD3S) - To be painted PS-6 Yellow or PS-54 Cobalt Green. I have a set of Strikers decals to turn this into an itasha if I go the yellow route.

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